Charter vs Jet Card vs Fractional

There are many choices when it comes to flying private aircraft.  You may have heard of professional athletes that utilize Aircraft Charter, or know somebody with a Fractional Ownership or have seen Jet Card advertisements during the Super Bowl.  Depending on your travel profile, one, or a combination of multiple options, can accommodate your travel needs the most efficiently and cost-effectively.  There are many factors that can determine which is right for you, including:

  1. Typical Number of Passengers
  2. Frequent Destinations
  3. Frequency of Travel
  4. Length of Trip
  5. Typical Amount of Luggage
  6. Initial Cash Outlay
  7. Tax Situations

The following table summarizes the main differences between your private travel options.

Aircraft Charter

Jet Card

Fractional Ownership

Financial Commitment None Contractual.  25-hour block to be used over 12-month   period Contractual. 2 years minimum
Cost Payment made trip by trip Up-front payment Minimum $375K Capital Investment or long-term lease
Pricing Fixed price for each charter Fixed Fixed
Pricing Points (fees) All-inclusive High hourly charge for hours flown to cover re-position legs and other unknown expenses Capital Sum or monthly lease figure.  Monthly management fee.  Hourly charge for hours flown.  Re-marketing fee.
Aircraft Type Choice of any aircraft Limited to contracted category – option to change subject to financial adjustment Limited to contracted category – option to change subject to financial adjustment
Minimum Notice 2-3 hours’ notice 8 hrs’ notice – surcharges apply 4-10 hours’ depending on share purchased.
Discounts When block of time is purchased None None
Financial Risk None None Depreciation of aircraft market value over the course of ownership
Crew/Aircraft Familiarity Can guarantee aircraft and crew with notice No guarantee of same aircraft or crew No guarantee of same aircraft or crew

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