Aircraft Management

From accounting to regulatory process, operating and maintaining an aircraft can be time consuming for an owner – let alone an entire flight department.  Whether operating a single aircraft, or an entire fleet, our expertise and turn key aircraft management services can be tailored to fit the needs of any operation.  Some of the benefits of our aircraft management services include:

  • Preferred pricing (fuel, maintenance, insurance and training
  • Crewing and administration (management and payroll)
  • Accounting (annual budget and monthly summaries)
  • Maintenance tracking and scheduling (parts and labor, inspections)
  • Regulatory conformity (FAA/DOT regulatory compliance)
  • Concierge services (hotels, ground transportation, etc.)

Upon enrollment, owners are provided with a guide including details of our services and answers for the most common questions.  Each month, our owners receive a monthly accounting statement and aircraft activity summary.  At the beginning of each year, we’ll provide a budget summary and activity forecast, which will ensure the most efficient utilization of your aircraft throughout the year – owners can be involved as much as they want to be.  You’re an expert at what you do, allow us to provide our decades of aviation experience and eliminate the stress of owning an aircraft.  Some additional benefits of our management program include:

Is shared ownership an option?  If so, please feel free to read an article regarding co-ownership/joint ownership.

If you own an aircraft, or are considering a puchase, please call Dave Nichols at 847-808-9868 for details on how Ventis Aviation can help.