Cessna 421

chicago to nashville charter

Seats: 6
Hourly Rate: $875
Range: 1,550 miles
Cabin Size: 207 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 240 kts
Baggage Area: 74 cu ft

Beech Baron 58

chicago to rochester charter

Seats: 4
Hourly Rate: $625
Range: 850 miles
Cabin Size: n/a
Cruise Speed: 202 kts
Baggage Area: 28 cu ft

In addition to the above aircraft, Ventis Aviation can assist in finding charter options for any of the categories below:


Ultra-long Range Jet

chicago to california charter

Seats: 11-20
Hourly Rate: $7,000-9,000
Range: 5,000-7,900 nm
Cabin Size: 1,000-2,200 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 450-500 kts
Baggage: 150-250 cu ft

Large Cabin Jet

chicago to las vegas charter

Seats: 10-16
Hourly Rate: $4,700-7,000
Range: 3,200-5,000 nm
Cabin Size: 1,000-1,800 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 450-500 kts
Baggage: 120-200 cu ft

Super Mid-size Jet

new york to los angeles charter

Seats: 8-10
Hourly Rate: $3,800-4,800
Range: 3,000-3,600 nm
Cabin Size: 600-850 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 450-525 kts
Baggage: 50-120 cu ft

Mid-size Jet

chicago to florida charter

Seats: 7-9
Hourly Rate: $3,000-4,000
Range: 1,800-2,700 nm
Cabin Size: 400-600 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 430-490 kts
Baggage: 50-90 cu ft

Light Jet

chicago to new york charter

Seats: 6-8
Hourly Rate: $2,100-2,800
Range: 1,500-2,200 nm
Cabin Size: 250-310 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 360-470 kts
Baggage: 50-75 cu ft

Very Light Jet

new york to hamptons charter

Seats: 3-5
Hourly Rate: $1,800 -2,300
Range: 1,100-1,400 nm
Cabin Size: 200-250 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 300-400 kts
Baggage: 25-60 cu ft


chicago to michigan charter

Seats: 6-9
Hourly Rate: $1,000-2,000
Range: 1,200-1,800 nm
Cabin Size: 200-350 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 250-300 kts
Baggage: 50-75 cu ft

Twin Piston

chicago to wisconsin charter

Seats: 4-6
Hourly Rate: $500-900
Range: 500-1,500 nm
Cabin Size: 120-200 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 190-250 kts
Baggage: 20-75 cu ft


teterboro to manhattan helicopter charter

Seats: 3-5
Hourly Rate: $1,000-3,000
Range: 250-400 nm
Cabin Size: 100-150 cu ft
Cruise Speed: 100-150 kts
Baggage: 30-60 cu ft

**Hourly rates above are exclusive of potential landing fees, fuel surcharge, pilot fees, overnight fees and taxes when applicable.